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We carry only the best Under Armour sports sunglasses. Under Armour sunglasses were built for athletes. These sports sunglasses fit easily under caps, visors and even helmets. The proper pair of sports sunglasses can improve visibility and depth perception on bright days. Baseball and fastpitch softball players love these comfortable sports sunglasses. We have a variety of lens colors. We offer orange tinted, blue tinted, red tinted, and traditional gray lenses. Some of the styles we carry are the Phenom, Igniter, Surge, Core and Reign Under Armour sports sunglasses. They reduce glare and come in different levels of polarization. Polarized sports sunglasses give your player an edge in look and provide greater visibility. Baseball and fastpitch softball players prefer polarized sports sunglasses. The darker the lens the better your athlete can see the ball on sunny days. These sports sunglasses also provide 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. This protects your eyes against the sun's most dangerous rays. Another advantage is the Under Armour sports sunglasses fit more closely to your face for a less invasive feel. They also feature adjustable temples, adjustable nose piece, and cap gripper. The frames were designed to have a lighter and stronger feel. These sports sunglasses give your athlete confidence no matter the weather. We carry a large selection of men's, women's, and youth Under Armour sports sunglasses. These range from inexpensive sunglasses to the highest quality Under Armour sports sunglasses. Each pair of Under Armour sports sunglasses comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty guarantees protection against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the sunglasses. Purchasing high quality sports sunglasses increases the amount of lens clarity and performance of the lens and frame. When choosing a pair of sports sunglasses, consider the advantages and disadvantages of having different qualities of lens, frame, and nose piece. Sports sunglasses should fit comfortably and not fall off when bending over.