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We carry all different kinds of softball related apparel including pants, socks, belts, shirts, sleeves, sunglasses, and more. We supply all the best and essential fastpitch softball apparel you could need. We carry Mizuno men's, women's and youth baseball and softball pants. Youth and women's pants come in red, navy, royal, gray, white, and black. We offer select women's pants with multiple color piping. In youth pants, we stock sizes small, medium and large. In women's Mizuno pants we stock sizes extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large. We also carry a large variety of leather and elastic belts. We stock Mizuno leather belts in colors black, navy, royal and red. In our elastic belts we carry colors white, black, red, royal, navy, purple, lavender, tan, brown, pink, gray, yellow, orange, maroon, and columbia blue. We also offer a variety of socks from Mizuno and TCK. In socks, we have different colors and different patterns to choose from. We also print custom t-shirts from our warehouse in various sizes and colors. We have more than ten different screen prints to choose from. We carry several different brads of hats including, All-Star, Mizuno, Evoshield, Miken, Combat, Worth and Easton. In visors, we stock the Mizuno solid color visors in white, black, red, forest green, navy, and royal. If you like Evoshield, we have all of the sleeves, wrist guards, ankle guards, chest guards, catcher's guard, and wrist guard with play-call window. We also have in stock the newest styles of Under Armor sport sunglasses. Everything we sell is new. We do not buy or sell any used or like-new items. All items will ship out from our Texas warehouse same day if ordered before 3:00 PM central time Monday through Friday. For a list of all of our websites please visit the SportsJunk Network at