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Power Push Pitching Trainer

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The Power-Push softball pitcher's training aid device was developed to promote a powerful forward push over the front of the fastpitch pitcher's push foot straight down the power line and away from the pitching rubber. The Power-Push provides a channel for the push foot to promote driving the push foot stright down the power line,not up in the air.This promotes opening up at the "apex"of the pitch, not on the rubber.This will give instant feedback to the pitcher if she turns her push foot to the side too soon in the push and performs either a heel drag or having two feet in the air at the same time The Power-Push will be thrown to the side as it catches the pitcher's heel if she turns her push foot too soon in the pitch. This will convince her that she is turning her foot too soon , and will provide the instant feedback necessary to create the muscle memory required to develop great powerful habits as a pitcher.

Think about it. World class sprinters push straight over their feet out of the starting block for maximum power and speed, so should a softball fastpitch pitcher. Take a good look at some of the word's best fastpitch pitchers and I think you will see that a majority of them are over the big toe and not on the side of their push foot. Being on the side of your push foot creates a strain on the inside of the knee and lower back as well as taking away from the power of the pitcher.

Seriously! Women use their lower body for the power they need. Most instructors I know always start at the floor and work their way up. The Power-Push is a tremendous aid to teach the correct fundamentals of the push foot and avoid those hard to fix bad habits. Get your pitcher started off in the right direction,stright down the "power line",with the Power-Push.

Price: $49.95
Backordered until November 1, 2015